More Rewards for More Recruits in Server

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Pre-register Number 500 Gold x300
Pre-register Number 1000 Double Gold Card (3 Days) x1
Pre-register Number 2000 Reynolds Trial Card(3 Days) x1
Pre-register Number 5000 Lv.4 Chip: Pulse
Pre-register Number 10000 Hero: Firya(Perm.)

Pre-register Gift

  • Double EXP Card
    (1 Day) x1

  • Oboro Trial Card
    (3 Days) x1

  • Gold x500

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1. Login with your Facebook account and enter your email address to pre-register.

2. Pre-register rewards will be sent as gift code. You will receive your gift code upon successful pre-register. The gift code will also be sent to your mailbox.

3. If the number of pre-registered players reaches certain points, all players will receive extra in-game rewards that will be sent by in-game mails. Gift codes from this event must be redeemed in one week from the game's release.

4. Event times:From now to Sep. 20th

5. 4399EN reserves all rights for final explanation.


Your gift code is:

You can redeem in-game item with the code after the game is released!